Thursday, March 22, 2018

What we can do for this generation?


We often listen to the bad news about young people from the attention of the media. For example, teenagers use drug overdoses and do bad habit at school. When we know these things happened to this generation, we should ask ourselves about things we can do for this generation. We know God loves all of them, God cares about these young people. So, if we want to see a next better generation, I think we have to do something empowering millennials.
I try to write some practical ways below here, and hope in these ways can help us to encourage and mold this millennials generation.

First, accept them with no condition. 
Sometimes, we want to accept our young people only with certain condition, if they have good habit or something else. We love if they do things as we like, but we forget, those young people never like their bad condition too, sometimes their situation force them to lives in there.  

I first began to understand the depth of a Millennial's yearning for adult connection and how invigorating a downward mentoring relationship could be when I met all the students at Kalam Kudus Christian School Kosambi. Lives with them for many years make me improve my understanding about teenagers' lives. For me, I can get a lot of good example from them. Example, young people name Thomas Tjiawi (RIP.19 Sept.2009) and Sintara "Arsenal", and all his friends, they're really wonderful young people. Have a strong motivation to get a better life and want to do something for human life. They are a wonderful example of the hope and promise of this generation of young people.

As a parents or educator today, we have to understand that young people every day face a pressure situation. They are surrounded with bad condition. So, we must accept them with no condition.

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