Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Building Children through Christian Character at Christian School.


One day, parents came to my office and asking for their child education. They was talking about our service and teaching methode at school. I know they are a good parents and concern about their child education, especially Christian education. We often share our school mission about Christian education. So, they want to know how we do that Christian education. They want to know what the basic of Christian education at our school. Maybe this concern not just from these parents, I'm sure all of us care about this topic. If there is a school said they are a Christian school, or Christian education curriculum, we should know what they means about Christian education, especially concern about Christian character building. So, here I try to write some basic point about Christian character building that we can use or think at Christian school. What we should do?
Christian curriculum about charater building is must based on 3 things :

1. All teacher or educator must be a believer and have a Christian life.
If we want our children become a person who have a Christian character like our savior Jesus Christ, we must start from that educator. All person at that Christian school must receive Jesus Christ become his personal savior, and with pass their time, they must have a progress spiritual life in Jesus Christ character. With all of that thing, we can hope that educator or teacher have a commitment to transfer their life to our children. I'm sure all of us like and hope our beloved child can face the situation at their world. We hope our children can grow up and become a tough people, like a lighthouse can face storm, heavy rain and all bad weather at the sea. With all the hard circumstances, the lighthouse still stand firm and unshakeable. For this hope, teacher at that christian school must have spiritual life grow in their life. With this condition, they can commit to regularly pray for the students will grow in loving relationship to God. With this life, they can encourage children to have a positive life and become a person who always lean on God.

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